Powerful BIM Software for Precast Design & Production

IMPACT is a complete group of BIM software that provides highly specialized tools for the precast concrete industry to efficiently manage, design, produce, transport and erect precast concrete elements.


IMPACT advantages

High-quality precast concrete design

IMPACT delivers immediate results and high-quality designs working with AutoCAD, Revit, and other software such as Tekla. IMPACT offers you the chance to create a Building Information Model using 3D elements for maximizing the accuracy of your floor plans, shop drawings, assembly drawings and reports.

Complete control over your projects

From the initial idea of your project to the design, production, transportation, and erection of the elements, IMPACT provides you complete control, a better understanding of the actual erection progress and easy tracking of each component, which includes rough estimations of delivery and cast dates.

Customizable to your needs

IMPACT offers you the chance to plan precast elements with accuracy, according to your needs, and follow up on production. Moreover, IMPACT supports several export formats to production planning systems (ERP) and production automation systems, as well as customer-specific exports.

The features of IMPACT



IMPACT Design is tailored to fit your precast business, either you are a designer, a consultant or factory. It provides the tools you need to create a Building Information Model using 3D elements, with information and characteristics from the actual building elements produced by the precast factories.

IMPACT Design Element Modules

Element Modules:

  • Wall
  • Sandwich wall
  • Hollow Core
  • Slab
  • Formslab
  • Double Wall
  • Reinforcement

IMPACT Design Features:

  • Automatic Shop Drawings
  • Company Standards
  • Full 3D Modelling
  • Automatic Dimensioning
  • Rebar Templates
  • AutoCAD, BricsCAD, Revit
  • Automatic size checks
  • Automatic saving of changes
IMPACT Production
IMPACT Production

IMPACT Production is extremely customizable to the needs of your precast factory, offering you the ability to implement a BIM workflow, 3D plan and manage with accuracy all aspects of your precast concrete production and projects.

IMPACT Production Features:

  • 3D Project Manager
  • Resource Manager
  • 3D Cast Planner
  • Transport Planner
  • Element Control
  • Data Import
  • Data Exports for Production Machinery
IMPACT Project Manager
IMPACT Project Manager

IMPACT Project Manager offers you complete control over your precast concrete projects. This way, you can create erection sequence plans and simulations, transport deliveries, set target dates for drawings, schedule your production, and many more. Impact Project brings all your precast processes together by working with IMPACT Design and IMPACT Production.

Project Manager Features:

  • Rough Planning
  • Drag and drop from the 3D model
  • 3D Erection Sequence Planning
  • Cast Calendar
  • Colour Coded
  • Element Control
  • Impact Go
  • Data Import
IMPACT Reinforcement
IMPACT Reinforcement
IMPACT Reinforcement

IMPACT Reinforcement offers you the tools you need for generating intelligent steel reinforcement models, drawings, and schedules. IMPACT Reinforcement contains information to define rebar, including bar mark, shape code, leg lengths, end hooks, and material. It provides an intuitive way of describing complex reinforcement for both in-situ (RC) and precast concrete structures, having a plug-in for AutoCAD and BricsCAD.

IMPACT Reinforcement Features:

  • Automatic Schedules
  • Export Data
  • Customizable
  • Quick drafting of rebar
  • Automatic saving of changes

IMPACT Go enables access to the IMPACT - Structural construction software, tracking of element status with detailed information, and the ability to scan QR codes to update the BIM database about element status from anywhere at any time.

IMPACT Go Features:

  • Using QR-codes or search to add Elements, Casts, Stacks or Transports to the main list
  • Manage storage locations
  • Follow and change element status
  • Set Cast Units to Produced
  • Set Transport status to Call Off or Delivered
  • Manage Rejections and Disorders
  • Perform Element Controls
Pre-Stress Connection
IMPACT Pre-Stress Connection
IMPACT Pre-Stress Connection

Pre-Stress Connection helps you save time importing pre-stressed models into different software, perform advanced design calculations for hollow-core slabs, get detailed calculation reports, and keep an overview of the hollow-core utilization.

Pre-Stress Features:

  • Reinforcement input data
  • Load Combination Generator
  • Recess Beam Design
  • Fire analysis and code verification
  • Data Import
  • Load Cases
  • Section Shapes
  • Torsion
  • Documentation
Tekla Base Tools
IMPACT Tekla Base Tools
IMPACT Tekla Base Tools

IMPACT Tekla Base Tools, together with IMPACT Production, helps you plan your Tekla projects in complete 3D. Tekla Base Tools enables you to save time while optimizing casts, transports, and managing multiple projects across multiple factories simultaneously.

Tekla Base Tools Features:

  • Easily categorize your Tekla projects
  • Simple user-friendly interface
  • A simple, linear workflow with 3 steps
  • Quickly filter and select elements and components
  • Easily customize settings to meet your requirements
IMPACT Environment
IMPACT Environment
IMPACT Environment

IMPACT Environment is designed to calculate greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) for modules A1-A3 in EN 15804, help you find the most carbon-neutral solution by comparing your project's material options and analyzing how different choices affect carbon performance and how it changes during the project.

IMPACT Environment offers you a detailed Life-Cycle Assessment calculation (LCA calculation). You can make your CO2 calculation with IMACT and access more than 10.000 materials in One Click LCA.

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