ICT~Office Terms & Conditions

The conditions, which are not provided in the Matrix Software Terms & Conditions, are stated in the actual ICT~Office Terms & Conditions with the Chamber of Commerce registry of the District Midden-Nederland under number 30174840.

The content starts with module "General". Additional modules are available for specific products and services:


Module 00: General
Module 01: Software License
Module 02: Development of software
Module 03: Maintenance of software
Module 04: Application service provision, software as a service and computer service
Module 05: Development and maintenance of a website
Module 06: Webhosting
Module 07: Secondment services
Module 08: Courses and training programmes
Module 09: Advice, consultancy and project management
Module 10: Other services
Module 11: Sale of ICT, telecommunication and office equipment and other items
Module 12: Renting out ICT, telecommunication and office equipment
Module 13: Maintenance of ICT, telecommunication and office equipment
Module 14: Internet access
Module 15: Telecommunication services
Module 16: Financing and leasing of ICT