Powerful CAD/CAM software

Multifunctional and powerful software for wide slab, rib cassette, hollow core concrete floors and for hollow and massive concrete floors.

IC-Prefab advantages

For Revit and AutoCAD

IC-Prefab has been developed on the basis of AutoCAD. To find the closest possible connection with BIM, IC-Prefab has been made suitable for Autodesk Revit. IC-Prefab has been available for Revit since 2019. With targeted training, we make the advantages of IC-Prefab for Revit visible.

For every floor system

Whether it is wide slabs, hollow plates or rib-cassette floors, IC-Prefab knows a great deal versatility, for every type of machine park, for each production method. And are there specific wishes? Then add we assign them to the software.

Targeted knowledge

IC-Prefab has over 20 years of experience in the prefab floors and walls industry. A close team of specialists works daily to maintain and improve the software. With years of knowledge, the team provides a top service and support.

The features of IC-Prefab CAM



IC-PltServ is a module for making production prints of flat elements. For the control of machines it is possible to generate all necessary production files (such as Unitechnik, BVBS format) with IC-pltserv. In addition, it is possible to chart elements. With IC-pltserv it is also possible to print production booklets, for example including a cover sheet, a representation of the lay-out plan and a list of materials.


IC-Elms is the successor to IC-PltSrv but also offers more possibilities. For making production prints of more complex elements, the setting possibilities are provided with a more extensive functionality. In addition, it is possible to display cross-sections including dimensions. IC-Elms is suitable for use in combination with IC-HWanden, IC-MWanden and IC-Balkbodems. This module also offers the possibility to create several production prints per element. For example separately for reinforcement and embeds. You can also use multiple adjustable layouts.


IC-PlateDraw is a module within IC-Elms. It offers a low-threshold solution for designing single elements. Here the power of the module lies mainly in the design of reinforcement networks. In addition, IC-PlateDraw can be used for the control of advanced net welding machines and bending machines. When designing a net, PlateDraw takes into account all set properties and the parameters of the machine.


IC-Mesh is ideal for designing fast and simple (curved) nets, checking for manufacturability and for controlling a net machine.


IC-3DWapKorf is a module within ic-prefab for the design of reinforcement baskets. Through a very user-friendly user interface, the user can design a basket within an element; for example solid walls or beam bottoms. Using a 3D view, the user can directly check his input and, when he is in agreement, translate it to the (AutoCAD/Revit) drawing/model.


IC-Rods offers the possibility to read BVBS files and to visualize them; for example, for displaying a reinforcement basket assembly for production.

Let us advise you

The design and production of concrete structures is a specialism and requires expert advisers. We would like to give you expert advice on the possibilities of ic-prefab for producing precast concrete. Call us or respond via the website for a meeting with one of our consultants. Do you want to discover the operation and vision of the software yourself? Request a demo.

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