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Fast and user-friendly software for quotation calculations and for the preparation of work on wooden frames. With libraries tailored to your own delivery program, including the hinges & locks and all other building fittings.

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MatrixWindows advantages

Fast and free input

Every frame shape is conceivable. Applicable from a library, or via a completely free entry. From straight to slanted and from round to arched. All with just a few mouse clicks.

Customized standard software

Every joinery has its own way of making window frames. MatrixWindows is standard software but offers all flexibility for own profiling and own libraries with hinges & locks and other building hardware.

For large and smaller joineries

MatrixWindows SH is the standard version with various expansion modules for calculation and work preparation. MatrixWindows LT is the entry version for the calculation for smaller joineries.

The features of MatrixWindows Wood


MatrixWindows LT, for the smaller carpentry factory

Especially for smaller carpentry factories, independently or as part of a construction company, MatrixKozijn is available as an LT version. This version does not do too much and certainly not too little! MatrixKozijn LT is the perfect starter version: It does exactly what it needs to do for a smaller carpentry factory. Or as a great first step in the professional automation of a starting or growing carpentry factory.

MatrixKozen LT version: exactly what it must do!

MatrixKozijn LT is tailored to the needs of smaller carpentry factories. It provides for making quotation calculations, representative view drawings and production lists in the form of material statements and abbreviated statements. With this, fleeting sketches are quickly converted into professional frame drawings about which there can be no misunderstanding. By making it clear once-only to the software in which way you want to determine prices, you can determine the quotation price with the push of a button. Making a quotation for frames faster is not conceivable. If you become the quotation assignment, you generate all the required production lists. MatrixKozijn LT gives you all abbreviations for frame and window wood. In addition, required materials such as hinges and locks, draft profiles, frames and ventilation facilities are pulled out. These lists can be placed directly on the fax for purchase.

MatrixKozijn LT is the little brother of MatrixKozijn SH, but stands head and shoulders above it when it comes to the price / performance ratio. For a reduced investment, you have a software package for wooden frames that you can use to look professional and which will save you a lot of work preparation time when controlling production.

MatrixWindows SH, for complete automation of the carpentry factory

MatrixWindows SH is the leading software for professional carpentry plants. It has everything for a fast, efficient and flexible calculation and production of wooden frames. MatrixWindows Wood has modules specifically for calculation and work preparation. Together with MatrixWindows Project for operational management and with MatrixKozijn CNC for controlling woodworking machines, MatrixWindows Wood is part of the total solution for carpenters.

MatrixWindows SH, based on years of knowledge & experience

MatrixWindows is based on more than 35 years of knowledge and experience in the field of automation within the window frame industry. In collaboration with frame manufacturers, it has become an extremely user-friendly and flexible software program. Frame manufacturers place high demands on software. Certainly in a time when production automation has become a high-tech industry in which computer-controlled woodworking machines can no longer be ignored.

Which version fits best?

+ standard options | o extension options | - no option

Standard options: MatrixWindows LT MatrixWindows SH
Materials library + +
Input window frames + +
Vieuw drawings + +
Price quotation + +
Bill of materials and hours + +
Extension options:    
link MS-Office o o
Supplier inport o o
Network version o o
Series & Overviews - o
Production states - o
Project articles - o
Cross sections on drawings - o
CE marking and U-value - o
Wind load calculation glass - o
BIM XML import/export Revit-FABwindow - o
BIM XML import/export Revit-Deltapi - o


Window frame models can be entered completely new or can be opened from a library. By using the model library the input is simplified and accelerated. Using self-definable templates, properties such as profile choice for styles, sills, nodes and edge finishes are assigned. Finally, the compartment refills can be assigned: windows, doors, panels, glass, etc. Finally, the cavity slats are introduced.


With the option brand certificates the user can choose himself according to which quality marks the frames will be calculated, produced and delivered.

Low relief sills

Increasingly, frames are provided with low-relief sills, possibly with nuts. MatrixKozijn has the functionality to apply, calculate and order the most common types and brands of sill.

Purchase doors

Doors can be used as a self-made door or as a purchasing door. The purchasing doors of the leading door suppliers are available in the library. The library and the DXF drawings of the purchasing doors are open and can be expanded or changed. This gives you complete freedom to work with the range of choice.


Using the option for series, different delivery series can be processed. This can be a division into construction phases, or per floor, or, for example, inside and outside window frames. The series can be made at your own discretion, as much as desired. All series can be calculated separately and also the work preparation and production can be controlled per series.


If the entry is complete, you can choose from a number of ways for the price calculation. For example, there is a price calculation per frame or one over the entire project. But also a specified budget for a total work with a price overview of the materials, man hours and labor costs is possible.

Manure coefficients

The budget can be steered using man-hour coefficients. Prices of cost categories and cost centers can be influenced on the basis of self-entered coefficients or on the basis of predefined Manage coefficient tables.

Project prices

There can be a considerable time between the moment of entering and calculating window frames and the moment it is commissioned and production has to take place. In order to properly process any differences in historical prices and current prices, it is possible to work with project items and prices. This saves the data from the moment of entering and calculating with the project. This also applies to man hours and man hour costs.


Once the entry is complete, the quotation calculation can be determined. The calculation results and the view drawings can be printed on paper or as PDF with versatile standard reports. The quotation module for MS-Word offers the possibility to define your own reports. The MatrixKozijn calculation and drawing results can be inserted into a self-designed quotation document via templates and scripts that you can create yourself. The MS-Word quotation module comes with a number of sample templates and scripts. These can be arranged by yourself or by a Matrix consultant.

Doors & windows in BIM

Designing window frames in a Building Information Model (BIM)

MatrixWindows is software for designing and producing wooden, plastic and aluminum doors, windows and window frames. From calculations and drawings to production and CNC machine control. From architects and construction companies there is a strongly increased need to design doors and windows in a co-makership with producers. To meet this need, MatrixWindows has the following exchanges of model information of window frames:


The position (3D location + orientation) and the dimensions of window frames can be passed on to MatrixWindows via XML. This data is then expanded to fully detailed window frames. As soon as the design of the window frames is ready, the frame models in the IFC format can be provided to architect or construction company. This allows all involved construction partners to process the frames as an IFC model in the further construction process.



For wooden window frames, a bi-directional coupling with FABwindow from Itannex has been developed. FABwindow is an application that can be used within Revit from Autodesk. The Revit user is thus able to supply window frames via an XML file to the window frame producer, who with MatrixWindows further details the frame into its own specific frame solution. The frame goes through XML again, enriched with data from the window frame producer, back to Revit.


Management of supplier items

Management of supplier items

MatrixKozijn has libraries with article and price information from suppliers of hardware. The MatrixKozijn Supplier import module is available to manage the content of these libraries.

Every window frame factory chooses from which suppliers they purchase. That can be directly with a producer, but it can also be with a wholesaler. And for each supplier different agreements can be made about the purchase conditions, such as gross and net prices.

To properly manage the articles and (price)agreements between the window frame manufacturer and the supplier, Matrix has developed the module Supplier import. With the help of this tool, window factories can read and process supplier's data files. The supplier creates the data file in consultation with the frame manufacturer, and the frame manufacturer can read the supplier's data file into Matrix Frame. This is possible both the first time and for future updates to the range.

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