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Versatile and proven solution for aluminum and plastic frames. Includes options for design and production of curtain walls.

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Matrix Opticalc advantages


Matrix Opticalc is suitable for the processing of both plastic and aluminum frames. In addition, curtain walls can be designed and produced with Opticalc. There are standard libraries available from the most common profile and hardware suppliers.

Freedom in design

Matrix Opticalc has a large degree of freedom in the design and modeling of window frames. Almost every desired shape is possible. From rectangular to slanted, and from round to arched, from a single frame to complete fronts and façades.

Production automation

Matrix Opticalc goes beyond just sending the right data to a machine. The complete workflow is controlled, optimized and managed. Operators in the machine process and in the assembly process complete orders from screens in production.

The features of Matrix Opticalc


The power of Opticalc

The power and history of Opticalc

Opticalc is a powerful and versatile software solution for plastic and aluminum frames and curtain walls. Some of the largest and most leading PVC frame factories in the Netherlands are users of Opticalc. Opticalc was developed in the 90s by Precision Technics (Pretech). Since the retirement of the previous owner, the development and support has been taken over by Matrix Software. Step by step, the functionality and benefits of Opticalc are integrated into the Matrix Software delivery program. At the top is the continuity and satisfaction of the Opticalc users. That determines the pace and the way in which functionality becomes available in a new and modern look.

PVC & aluminum

PVC & aluminum

Opticalc is suitable for processing plastic and aluminum profiles. Every conceivable frame shape is supported. And not only frame shapes, but also curtain walls is possible. Libraries of the leading profile suppliers are available within Opticalc.

Total solution

Total solution

Opticalc is characterized by its broad functionality. From window frame technology and control of machines to complete operations, including accounting. This makes Opticalc a total solution for frame factories. The power of Opticalc is not only the whole, but also the individual parts. Some of our largest Opticalc customers prefer the specialization of the Opticalc frame technology and machine control, but use it linked to generic ERP/MRP solutions such as Navision or Axapta. We gladly supply and support our entire solution, but do so with enthusiasm in collaboration with college ERP/MRP suppliers.

Functional modules

Opticalc has a modular structure from the following functional modules:

  • Relationship Management
  • Project Management
  • Plastic & aluminum libraries
  • Designing frames
  • Curtain walls designs
  • Quotation estimates
  • Quote management
  • Work preparation
  • Machine control
  • Time registration
  • Recalculation
  • Deliveries
  • Invoicing
  • Project planning
  • Inventory management
  • Visual workplace (paperless factory)

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