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Proven and reliable software for CNC control of machines. From cutting machines to the most advanced machining centers for wood, plastic and aluminum doors windows.

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MatrixWindows CNC advantages

For wood, plastic and aluminum

MatrixWindows CNC specializes in the CNC control of machine tools for wooden, plastic and aluminum frames. All renowned brands of machines are suitable.

Complete control
from a to Z

Whether it concerns the control of an individual machine or the control of a complete production line with machines and transport systems, MatrixWindows CNC is suitable for it.

The connecting factor in production

Modern machine tools for window frames require a lot of detailed information. Only software that can supply all the required data is able to produce the processing machine optimally.

MatrixWindows CNC features


Wood machine centers

Wood machine centers

MatrixWindows CNC controls many machine centers for wooden doors, windows and windowframes, like Bos, Weinig, Biesse, Saomad, SCM, CMS, Gubisch, Vertongen, H&M, APS, APS, Grecon, Pertici, Reinhardt en Tigerstop.

Is your machine not in the list? Contact us to investigate options.

Wood glue machines

Wood glue machines

MatrixWindows CNC has the option to control glue machines. Drivers are available for the Weinig UniPin glue machine and the Bos BMH Gluemaster. Characteristic for MatrixWindows is optimization of the glue patterns using smart algorithms. Both the shape of the wood section and the shape of the connected wood section are taken into account. Teh calculation of the unique and optimum glue pattern is based on both section shapes. This prevents an endless long library with manual entered glue patterns.

Weinig-Unipin glue machine

BMH Gluemaster


Video MatrixWindows glue pattern algoritm


Video Weinig-Unipin glue machine


Video BMH Gluemaster

PVC and aluminium machine centers

PVC and aluminium machine centers

MatrixWindows CNC controls many machine centers for PVC and aluminium doors, windows and windowframes, like Thorwesten, Rapid, Schirmer, Rotox, Pertici, Urban, Federhenn, Lemuth, Speedline, Mecal, Quadra, Emmegi, BJM, Staude, Speedline, Quadra, Hollinger, Sturtz en Dubus.

Is your machine not in the list? Contact us to investigate options.

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The design and production of doors & windows is a specialty and requires expert consultants. For this reason we would like to advise you about all options for production of doors & windows. Call us or respond via the website for contact with one of our consultants. Would you like to discover the software yourself? Ask for a demo version.

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