matrixframe Educational version is a package of all available commercial software modules. It can be used as single user license or as a network license in university or school environment. This version is available for teachers, studenst and for graduate students.

matrixframe Educational version

Content of matrixframe Education version:

Mechanical analysis

  • 1D beams
  • 2D grillages
  • 2D frames
  • 2D trusses
  • 3D frames
  • 3D trusses
  • FEM plates
  • FEM walls
  • Lineair elastic (LE) and Non Lineair Elastic (NLE) analysis
  • Static and dynamic analysis


  • Loads and combinations: EC1
  • Concrete design: EC2
  • Steel design: EC3
  • Joint connections design: EC3
  • Timber design: EC5

matrixtools Education version

Content of matrixtools Education version:


  • Cross section properties
  • Calculation sheet loads


  • Cross section analysis timber
  • Buckling analysis timber


  • Cross section analysis steel
  • Buckling analysis steel
  • Cross section classification
  • Torsion analysis in I-shape sections
  • Welding analysis
  • Section library


  • Reinforcement design cross section (bending, shear and torsion forces)
  • Reinforcement design cross section (bending and axial forces)
  • M-Kappa and M-N-Kappa diagrams
  • Punch in floor plates
  • Capacity analysis bending moment
  • Capacity analysis shear force
  • Bending moments in point and line supported plates
  • Anaysis of column elements in braced and unbraced structures


  • Analysis masonry support detail
  • Analysis concentrated loads on masonry
  • Analysis supported masonry walls
  • Analysis masonry columns
  • Stability analysis masonry

Advanced concrete and steel:

  • Analysis fire resistance concrete
  • Advanced punch analysis
  • Analysis fire resistance steel

Timber beams:

  • Timber floor beam
  • Timber roof beam
  • Timber portal frame
  • Timber column

Steel joint connections:

  • Bolted column-beam connections
  • Bolted beam-beam connections
  • Bolted beam-beam (T) connections
  • Bolted foundation plate connections
  • Bolted X and T connections
  • Welded X connections
  • Welded T and Y connections
  • Welded K and N connections
  • Welded KT connections
  • Angle steel bolted beam-beam connection
  • Angle steel column-beam connection


  • Input CPT diagrams and soil data
  • Foundation pile pressure
  • Foundation pile bending
  • Foundation pile tension
  • Foundation plates on soil