Concrete Structures

Take your concrete design to the next level by incorporating modern methods in your finite element analysis, achieving CO2 efficient structures while avoiding modelling errors.

As engineers we always use simplified models to represent complex reality. We cannot create an exact model; it would be way too complicated for us to understand and handle. Yet, over-simplifications can distort results or even become wrong which often leads to material inefficiency or design errors.

Welcome to attend this free webinar on how to utilise modern FE methods to model effects such as cracking, shrinkage, creep in everyday concrete design situations using FEM-Design. We will cover aspects such as redistribution of forces, linear vs. non-linear calculations, tips and tricks in concrete design according to Eurocode, and our brand-new non-linear plastic material model for CO2 efficient concrete structures.


  • Software introduction and orientation
  • Common modelling decision for concrete
  • Creep and shrinkage – common pitfalls and tips & tricks
  • Cracking and force redistribution
  • Theory background – plastic module
  • Methods for CO2 efficient structures

Reasons to attend:

  • Implement modern technology that aligns with Eurocode methods.
  • Learn to avoid common pitfalls and become better at modelling concrete behaviour.
  • Get a competitive edge by utilising the concrete material more efficiently.

Time: 15 PM CET 17th of September
Location: Online webinar
Language: Dutch/English


Isak Björhag

Business Development Manager

Isak works with business development for the structural engineering software at Matrix/StruSoft. He has many years of experience both with hands on practical engineering as well as working with our clients helping them with training and support.

Suleyman (Sulo) Sayed

Branchemanager Matrix structural

Suleyman (Sulo) works on expanding market share and devising strategies to better position Matrix Frame Tools and FEM-Design in the Netherlands, the Dutch Antilles, and Suriname. With his extensive background in structural engineering from various industries such as petrochemicals and civil construction, Sulo is well-equipped to help find the perfect software solution for his clients.