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Source: Beton & Staalbouw

Advance Steel is 3D modelling software for constructing, detailing and manufacturing all kinds of steel structures. Structural engineers, steel drawing offices and construction companies use Advance Steel.

They generate overview, detail and workshop drawings, parts lists and control files for production machines with Advance Steel. Advance Steel thus promotes communication between the designer, constructor, work planner, production employee and mechanic.

Macro: Cast iron beam (Powerpack Graitec)

Customers outside the regular steel construction industry, such as stair builders and greenhouse construction companies, have shown that Advance Steel suits a wide range of steel applications.

Technically, Advance Steel is based on AutoCAD. You do not need a separate license, but all AutoCAD functions are available for 100%. Users who have ever worked with AutoCAD will benefit immediately. Advance Steel is easy to learn, but the learning curve is even shorter for them.

Document manager

Intelligent model

You start by building an intelligent model. The entire structure is parametric and can be changed repeatedly by changing parameters or stretching. This also applies to the individual objects and the steel connections. If the connecting elements change, the links automatically adapt to the new environment. This saves much time in the modelling process. Specials and sheet metal are also effortlessly integrated into the model.

If the model is as desired, Advance Steel automatically creates lists, drawings, results and various standard machine files. This is done by an integrated document manager that constantly checks whether the output is still up to date. Here Advance Steel positively distinguishes itself from all other systems. The revision management is 100% watertight and fully supports you in implementing otherwise disruptive changes.

Matrix offers Advance Steel in two subscription options:

  • 1 or 3 year subscription Autodesk Advance Steel
  • 1 or 3 year subscription Autodesk AEC Collection, which includes Advance Steel

Image: Holland Staal
Project: Main entrance AMC

3D overview + 3D detail

New possibilities

At the end of the last century, Autodesk dominated the transition from the drawing board to the screen with AutoCAD. Since then, through in-house development and external acquisitions, they have always been able to keep up with developments in the CAD market. In 2023, Autodesk REVIT acquired a leading position in the current BIM market. Most contractors use REVIT to manipulate and manage the entire building model. Advance Steel has an exchange with REVIT on board to connect to this. The REVIT platform continues to thrive and has become so powerful that the level of detail has now grown to LOD350. Autodesk expects to be able to handle LOD400 soon, making REVIT suitable for fully integrating the steel functionality. This means one central building model with all disciplines in the same environment for users. This opens up new possibilities for the future, where access via the cloud can make all data in the building model up-to-date in real-time.

Because Advance Steel and REVIT are both owned by Autodesk and are even part of the AEC Collection together, the user can safely continue to use the platform that provides the best performance for them at that time. As soon as the benefits are evident, the user has every opportunity to switch to the REVIT platform.

Distributor and point of contact

Matrix Software has been active in the steel drawing market for 35 years and since 2003 as a distributor, and point of contact for Advance Steel. Over the years, Matrix has built an addition for Advance Steel, as a result of which the drawings and parts lists have been adapted to the Dutch and Belgian markets, and translated into Dutch. In addition, Matrix provides support, training and consultancy for Advance Steel. The support subscription also includes the right to use Graitec's add-on, the PowerPack for Advance Steel.

All these components together make Advance Steel a reliable solution that benefits end users daily, and with which they can stay ahead of the competition in the future.