Customized structural solutions: feel at home

Matrix-FEM-Design package: complete for 2D and 3D solutions

Discover our new Matrix-FEM-Design package deal for engineers, ideal for both daily tasks and unique projects. From basic 2D analysis to complex 3D modeling and global analysis, this bundle provides the perfect tools for any project.

Quick 2D calculations and advanced 3D capabilities

MatrixFrame/Tools handles your daily 2D tasks, while FEM-Design allows you to analyze and optimize complex 3D shapes. From small structures to large constructions, our package covers all your design and analysis tasks.

Efficient software selection and familiar workflows

The Matrix-FEM-Design Package offers flexible software selection and a user-friendly interface. This ensures efficient work while maintaining familiarity with known products, and benefits from advanced capabilities.

Optimize material usage

With advanced technologies like Strut&Tie, CLT, and plastic shell analysis modules, this package offers solutions that are both material-efficient and sustainable. Achieve optimal construction designs without compromising integrity and detail.

Choose the Matrix-FEM-Design Package and elevate your work with trusted and advanced structural solutions.

The package deal includes:

  • Multifunctional, powerful structural designs with MatrixFrame
  • Convenient and common calculations for steel, concrete, and timber with MatrixTools
  • FEM-Design starter package: 3D construction, concrete, and steel modules
  • Advanced 3D capabilities and in-depth analysis with FEM-Design for complex structures
  • Option to expand the package with CLT and plastic shell analysis modules
  • Dutch support for MatrixFrame/MatrixTools software, English support for FEM-Design
  • Predictable and transparent pricing model that is also flexible if needed
  • Telephone or remote desktop support
  • Matrix & FEM-Design knowledge center
  • Training courses with instructors who have a Structural Engineering background (optional)
  • On-site consultancy (optional) with a customized plan of approach

"This package deal enables users to use our software more efficiently for their projects. MatrixFrame/MatrixTools are essential for general daily tasks, while FEM-Design offers solutions for more complex technical challenges. It allows for the combination of different materials and special load cases in one integrated design." " – Suleyman Sayed (Branchemanager)

The story behind our solution

A balance between 2D and 3D needs

With the Matrix-FEM-Design package, engineers in the Netherlands can easily switch between 2D and 3D solutions. MatrixFrame and MatrixTools are ideal for daily 2D tasks, while FEM-Design provides an extensive 3D environment for complex shapes and hybrid structures, including additional analysis and optimization possibilities.

Efficiency for companies

Our 2-in-1 software package combines specialized expertise with diverse functions, enabling companies to work more efficiently. With the Matrix-FEM-Design Package, you harness the power of both tools and have access to advanced modules such as Strut&Tie, CLT, and plastic shell analysis, positioning your company at the forefront.

Confidence in large projects

Whether it’s small projects or complex infrastructures, the Matrix-FEM-Design Package provides everything you need. From simple 2D analysis to complete 3D modeling, this customized solution allows companies to confidently take on and complete larger and more complex projects.

Proven solutions for structural design

MatrixFrame and MatrixTools, with over 30 years of experience, are used daily by Dutch engineers. FEM-Design, popular in Scandinavia since 1993, offers proven solutions for concrete, steel, and timber structures. Together, these tools form a powerful and reliable combination for all your structural design needs.

What our customers experience

"Matrix offers excellent software. The price-quality ratio is very good." – Rob Tros (Directeur Berkhout Tros Engineering)

"We use FEM-Design for both large and small projects. From timber to concrete structures. It offers us a wide range of technical possibilities." – Laust Kristensen (Technical Director at MO)