Update: July 2021

Protocol COVID-19

It often happens that one of our employees has to be physically present within your organization. In those cases we follow the RIVM and your guidelines for carrying out work safely. In addition, we have drawn up a number of additional principles related to a site visit by one of our employees. We do this for your and our safety.

Firstly, we will try as much as possible to carry out the work remotely. This means that in some cases our employees will stay on the phone with you longer for a good intake. They may ask you to perform certain actions that may make a site visit unnecessary. We will of course expressly instruct you or your employees for these actions.

Is it not possible to carry out the work remotely? Then we will first discuss your and our guidelines by telephone. When your policy allows for visits from suppliers, we ask you to:

  • Whether the space is sufficiently large and/or the presence of as few people as possible, making it possible to keep distance from each other within the guidelines of the RIVM.
  • Whether there is an opportunity to wash hands with soap and water and / or with disinfectants.
  • That all persons present adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM.
  • Whether there are known cases of Corona in the business environment or in the private environment of the employees involved.

If the above guidelines can be met, we will plan the visit with you. Once on location, our employee performs an LMRA (Last Minute Risk Analysis) in which the guidelines discussed are checked.

In addition, we ask you:

  • To keep 1,5 mtr distance to Matrix employees.
  • To ventilate work areas as much as possible.
  • To keep in mind that we operate as little of your equipment as possible.
  • The availability of large screens or beamers to be able to work together on screens at an appropriate distance from one another.
  • The availability of WIFI for sharing computer screens using remote desktop tools from Matrix such as ISL or MS-Teams.

If a situation arises at the location in which the employee finds that one of the conditions is not (anymore) met, this will be discussed with you. If no adjustment is possible, the activities on location cannot continue.

We count on your cooperation and understanding. In this way we ensure together that everyone stays healthy and that your ICT environment continues to function in optimal shape during the important work you perform.

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