MatrixFrame Student version is a package of most required options for students in first and second year of technical universities and techical highschools. This version can be used for free on personal computers.

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MatrixFrame Student version

Content of MatrixFrame Student version:

Input geometry

  • English language
  • Mechanical analysis of 2D+3D portal frames and 2D+3D trusses
  • Graphical and numerical input options
  • Gridline functions and free sketch for easy input of members and nodes
  • Parametric sections for I, T, L, circle, pipe, rectangle and square pipe shapes
  • Sections tables for european, britisch, american, indian and japonese steel sections
  • Fixed, free and spring member connections and supports
  • Limitation student version: 100 members

Input loads

  • Loads according local, global and projected axis
  • Uniform, trapeziodial, concentrated loads on members and loads
  • Loads are grouped into load cases
  • Load cases can be combined into load combinations
  • Limitation student version: 10 load cases

Mechanical analysis

  • Input check
  • Lineair elastic analysis according displacement methode
  • Calculation of nodal forces, member forces, displacements and support reactions
  • Calculation of section forces using numerical integration


  • Presentation of normal forces, bending moments, shear forces, extreme forces, displacements and deflections.
  • Graphical and numerical presentation
  • Results for complete structure or for every single or group of members
  • Envelope results of all forces and displacements
  • Print results to paper or to PDF


Order MatrixFrame Studentversion free of charge