MatrixCAD Release notes

Welcome to the 'Release notes' page for MatrixCAD.

  • MatrixCAD 2015 (build number 2606) is suitable for AutoCAD 2019
  • Note: MatrixCAD 2015 for AutoCAD 2015 and for AutoCAD 2019 cannot be used on the same computer at the same time


  • Go to the download page and choose MatrixCAD 2015 for AutoCAD 2019.
  • Double-click Setup_MatrixCAD2015_for_AutoCAD2019_b2606.exe.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • After this the installation of the software is complete.
  • A new MatrixCAD 2015 shortcut appears on the desktop.
  • Important: starting up for the first time can take some time. The correct settings and menus are configured. This can take up to approximately 1 minute. After this, the start-up of MatrixCAD proceeds as usual.


  • If it concerns a computer where MatrixCAD 2015 has worked for AutoCAD 2015, no new license is required.
  • If it is a new computer, a new license activation is required. In that case, contact the MatrixCAD Service Desk and state the license or serial number.