Published: Profiel 2019 nr. 3
Text: Chris Elbers

In this article we are going to talk about a software package made up of modules, of which all parts fit together seamlessly. Suitable for both small-scale and professional production environments. With MatrixWindows, the Dutch software house Matrix Software offers a welcome total solution for the automation of all disciplines that pass through during the manufacture of doors, windows and frames. From design and production to sales and delivery. And the great thing is: as a user you only choose the modules you actually need. Nothing more nothing less.

With an ever-growing clientele of more than 1.400 companies, Matrix Software has been working in automation since 1983. With software and services for structural engineers, concrete and steel construction industry and doors & windows industry. One of the solutions that serves the latter target group is MatrixWindows. "This software total solution not only stands for unprecedented reliability and ease of use, it also has everything on board to adapt production capacity and company size," said Hans Storms, manager doors & windows industry for Matrix Software. "MatrixWindows offers every manufacturer of frames the required custom work."

Always flexible

The entry-level MatrixWindows LT, for example, is the perfect software for smaller doors & windows factories for taking next steps towards existing business automation. In contrast, MatrixWindows SH, the leading software for professional doors & window industry, is the ultimate total solution. The package includes a wide range of modules for design and production, but also for calculation, work preparation, CNC machine control, relationship management, order formation, delivery, reports and even BIM import and export. Handy for architects and construction companies who wish to design the frames in a co-makership with producers.

"Whatever the need, there is always a solution," says Storms. "For every department, for every company size and fully tailored to the needs of the customer. He determines which modules he purchases and which does not. That flexibility is characteristic. For this package, but also for all our other software products.

The advantages of MatrixWindows:

  • Fast and free input of every window frame shape. From a library or via a completely free input.
  • Custom-made standard software with all the flexibility for your own profiles, including hinges and locks and other hardware.
  • Suitable for large and smaller factories. MatrixWindows SH is the standard version.
    MatrixKozijn LT is the entry-level version for smaller window frames.

Versatile modular building blocks:

  • MatrixWindows Wood and PVC: fast and user-friendly software for quotation calculations and work preparation.
  • MatrixProject: powerful ERP/MRP software for complete operations.
  • MatrixCNC: proven software for all CNC-controlled machine tools.
  • MatrixElements: reliable software for design and production of timber frame facades.


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