Matrix Software preferred supplier 2020/2021

It has gradually become a tradition in the industry. The presentation of the KUFA Preferred Supplier Of The Year Award. This was awarded for the first time in January 2018 by KUFA Window Systems. The big question was who would succeed Kruba (2017), Gealan (2018) and ISC (2019) this year. Well… it became Matrix Software from Nijmegen. Henk Weber and Didier Holslag of KUFA Window Systems would have liked to hand over the certificate live, but unfortunately, due to corona it had to be done in a different way. And so the certificate was sent by post to Hans Storms, branch manager at Matrix in Nijmegen. Obviously he was surprised. “Actually, I see this Award as a milestone of a long, good collaboration. It has always felt like we grow together, move together. Moreover, you simply feel that the employees of KUFA Window Systems stand for the products they supply. ”

Henk and Didier are of course also "full of praise". “Everything we were able to develop with Matrix in 2020 is certainly the basis for our joint future,” says Henk. “Online calculation has been given an unprecedented boost by the innovations initiated by Matrix. The software solutions are unprecedented. In addition, we have made great follow-up appointments for the coming decade. The collaboration will therefore be a lot more intensive. I very much look forward to the near future. It is great that the chain is developing in this way. ”

January 2018:

Preferred Supplier Of The Year Award 2017 presentation Cees van Essen from Kruba had no idea when Henk and Didier asked him to come to the head office in IJmuiden in January 2018. No, it turned out that it was not regular consultation. Kruba turned out to receive the first Preferred Supplier Award. “Kruba has effectively helped us develop our products. This is also the case with the, which will be our theme for the coming years. We had to move from compact machines to flexible machines. Kruba - as a supplier - helped us with this.”

January 2019:

Preferred Supplier Of The Year Award 2018 presentation: Robert Tänzel and Mark Beukert from Gealan had already planned to go to the Bouwbeurs (Building exhibition) in Utrecht, not knowing that they would receive the Supplier Of The Year Award at the KUFA Raamsystemen stand. Henk Weber: “I think that in recent years they have not always chosen the easiest way when switching profiles to the S9000 series. But it did work; they surprised us with this and stimulated us with all kinds of points for improvement. In particular, the diversity of available colors in the profiles appealed to us.”

January 2020:

Preferred Supplier Of The Year Award 2019 presentation At the Polyclose, Erik Smits from ICS Profiles BV received the Award. The reason is clear, according to Henk Weber. “ICS is the best suppliers of thresholds. Together with ICS we have been able to develop a cover for the existing window sill brick, which became the addition to our RenoS9000 series.”