Text: Jean van Pol
Images: Matrix Software
Source: Profiel online

Software can no longer be ignored when designing, calculating, and producing window frames. For example, MatrixWindows All-in-1 software package offers a total solution for windows and doors factories. "In addition, the customer can choose the software modules he needs, and thus grow along with our total concept," says Hans Storms, branch manager for the window industry at Matrix Software.

Regarding the software for the windows industry, almost all packages today provide fast and reliable calculations. However, you must score high on user-friendliness and integrity to make a difference as a software supplier. According to Hans Storms, the Matrix All-in-1 concept stands far above the rest in the window frame industry: "Because it provides windows and doors factories with a total solution for composing, calculating, quoting, ordering, and producing of frames. This all-in-one software package consists of various building blocks or software modules, including relationship management, project management, order management, calculation, work preparation, paperless production, machine control, and the MatrixWindows Webshop web tool. Of course, the customer does not have to purchase the entire software package immediately, but he can choose the software modules he needs bit by bit and in this way, grow along with our concept."

The MatrixWindows All-in-1 concept offers a total solution for window frame factories.

Adaptable and quickly available

What makes the Matrix All-in-1 software package for window factories even more attractive is that Matrix Software can completely tailor all parts required for window calculations, work preparation and production to the customer's wishes: hinges and locks, types of wood, wood sizes, windows, doors, profile cross-sections, sills, grilles, hours, production times, and much more. These data files can be realized in just a few days. As a result, every frame factory can get started quickly with the software.

The MatrixWindows All-in-1 concept also includes software for transport rack registration.

Straight from file to production

A separate module from the Matrix All-in-1 software package that more window frame factories are using is MatrixWindows Webshop. "Frame factories can easily make this cloud solution available to their customers on their website," explains Storms. "The customers can then log in to this in their online environment. If desired, they can assemble their frames, calculate, and make quotations for their customers with their company logo. When a customer orders a window, the data is shared directly and in real-time from the cloud with the window factory, and the window is immediately ready to be produced without intervention, so directly from 'file to production'. In principle, the plastic frame or carpentry factory can start production on the same day. A major advantage of this for the window frame factories is that data only needs to be entered once. For instance, this allows considerable savings on calculation time and work preparation. With this, we also respond to the growing shortage of professionals in our sector since calculations and work preparation are automated, thanks to MatrixWindows Webshop."

Due to its success in the plastic window frame industry, MatrixWindows Webshop has also been marketed for the wooden window frame industry.

Hans Storms: 'As soon as a window frame has been ordered, the data is shared directly from the cloud with the window frame factory.'

Expansion to the wooden frame industry

The plastic window frame industry is already making full use of MatrixWindows Webshop. "Because of this great success, we have launched MatrixWindows Webshop for the wooden window frame industry. And we are now seeing that more carpentry factories are also discovering the benefits of this cloud solution", concludes Storms.

MarixWindows All-in-1 concept is the ideal software solution for designing, calculating, and producing frames.