Digital data exchange

The MatrixProject ERP / MRP solution has multiple EDI exchanges. That stands for Electronic Data Interchange. Matrix has conformed to De Ketenstandaard, formerly known as Sales in Construction. More and more construction companies are joining this organization, which means that the use and support for this digital standard is growing rapidly.

Data format SALES005

MatrixProject supports digital data exchange via XML files for various construction messages: requests, quotations, orders, order confirmations and invoicing. A complete overview is available on the De Ketenstandaard website. Recently all messages are also available in the new SALES005 format.

MatrixProject is available for doors & windows industry and steel construction industry, but is also used internally by Matrix Software. Soon all digital invoices will not only be sent as a PDF, but an XML file will be attached simultaneously. If ERP or your financial software also supports the SALES005 format, you can process all invoice data automatically with just a few actions.

GLN identification number

The SALES005 exchange format works with a unique identification of both the sender and the recipient of invoices: GLN. That stands for Global Identification Number. The issue and management of GLN numbers is done by the organization GS1. Matrix Software sends all XML invoices with the GLN number of Matrix as the sender, and the GLN number 0000000000000 for the recipient. Do you have a GLN number? Please inform Then all future XML invoices will be provided with the correct data.


MatrixProject is available for doors & windows industry under the name MatrixWindows Project and for steelconstruction industry under the name MatrixMetal Project. These industry specific solutions have the same options for digital data exchange. It is part of the "All-in-one" total concept for these industries.

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