On the 1st of June 2022, Matrix Software signed an agreement with ATS-Ambiance Technical Software to acquire all business activities.

The reason for this acquisition is unfortunately a sad one: the director and owner of ATS Software, Hilbrand Stoffers, passed away on December 23, 2021. In close collaboration with his wife, Mrs Anita Stoffers and her business advisor, we have agreed that Matrix Software will take over and continue all ATS Software activities.

Matrix Software acquires ATS-Ambiance Technical Software

About ATS-Ambiance Technical Software

With over 25 years of windows and doors software development experience, ATS-Ambiance Technical Software helped their customers to save time and costs when making windows and doors drawings, price calculations and production engineering. ATS-Ambiance Technical Software has more than 200 satisfied customers and over 300 software licenses.

The product portfolio of ATS-Ambiance Technical Software consists of ATS-WinKozijn, ATS-WinProfiel, ATS-KozijnInspectie, ATS-GevelInspectie, and ATS PDF Converter. The software solutions are user-friendly, practical, and indispensable for contractors, building maintenance and carpentry companies in the Netherlands.

About Matrix Software & ATS Software

Matrix Software develops user-friendly, accessible, and high-quality software combined with excellent customer service and has a market-leading position in the Netherlands within the software for windows and doors fabrication. Therefore, the new acquisition will accelerate the further development of both ATS-Ambiance Technical Software and Matrix Software.

The main goal is to make the ATS feel at home at Matrix Software by offering adequate service, practical training, and professional software development.

After the acquisition, the Matrix Group has more than 1250 customers in the Netherlands and over 9300 active software licenses.