Graitec Powerpack

The Graitec Powerpack is a powerful extension for Autodesk Advance Steel. It provides many practical and efficient functions to simplify and speed up designing, detailing and manufacturing with Advance Steel.

The Powerpack has recently been expanded with new functions for stairs and handrails. These functions are available as an extension of the Powerpack. As a result, there are now the following variants of the Powerpack:
» Powerpack - Professional
» Powerpack - Premium

On this page you can read more about the differences and the advantages of both Powerpack variants.

New in Advance Steel release 2020

Autodesk Advance Steel release 2020 has many new options. In the Youtube video a summary is given of the innovations of release 2020.

Graitec Powerpack features

The Powerpack has been expanded with functions for stairs and handrails. These new features are part of the Powerpack-Premium edition. The existing functions are part of the Powerpack-Professional edition. Choose on the right for a summary of all Powerpack functions, the new stairs & handrails functions, the specifications of the Powerpack variants or the two webinars (in German).

Are you interested?

If you would like more information about the Powerpack and the options for an upgrade, please contact our specialists.