Automatic reinforcement of precast concrete floors



For many years MatrixFrame has proven its added value as a versatile and powerful calculation software for designing concrete, steel and wood structures.

There is now MatrixBeam specifically for calculating prefab concrete floors and beams. Under the hood the same calculation heart of MatrixFrame, but with extra functionalities, such as prestressing, phasing, shear plane calculation, testing of fire resistance and designing for deflection. Not per floor, but in one run for all floors within a project.

New, fresh software

There are various solutions in the Benelux for automatic reinforcement of prefab concrete floors, says Jan Willem Fokkema of Matrix Software. “The vast majority of that software is based on an old model. MatrixBeam is a modern alternative with an extremely intelligent calculation heart. This makes it the ideal calculation software for constructors of wide slab floors, hollow-core slab floors and rib cassette floors. You put data in it at the front, after which a reinforcement proposal is automatically rolled out.”

XML file format

The Matrix software can handle XML. “In fact, we are talking XML”, emphasizes Fokkema. “When you save a project in our software, an XML file is saved. It is the open data format used throughout the construction world to transfer data from one application to another. So no conversion is required for our software. That is quite unique. Our users can also give all kinds of standard commands via an API, such as 'create load combinations', 'perform a deflection test' or 'make a reinforcement proposal'. You can set it all up personally.”

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