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MatrixFloor has everything for a thorough and qualitative design of precast concrete beam systems and floors. Years of insights and experiences from engineers, structural designers, and Matrix Software's own software engineers have resulted in an advanced and powerful calculation program. With this tool, one or multiple beams can be calculated in an instant, whether through manual entry or integrated with the IC-Prefab CAD/CAM solution. Moreover, precast concrete floors can be designed rapidly, including representative reports for clients, chief constructors, and inspecting constructors.

MatrixFloor is specifically developed for the design and dimensioning of precast concrete beam systems and floors, such as traditional and prestressed hollow-core slabs, wide slab floors, and ribbed floors. The calculation software, with its great simplicity and high speed, is a powerful tool, particularly beneficial for concrete manufacturers. They can use the software to ensure a safe and efficient production process. Additionally, MatrixFloor is highly valuable for clients, chief constructors, and inspecting constructors in the design process.

Shahram Omary, Account Manager

Safety and Reliability

"MatrixFloor has a multitude of capabilities," emphasizes account manager Shahram Omary. "With the calculation program, both simple and complex structures can be analysed, providing users with high safety and reliability. Both our clients and our own software engineers work with practical experiences, standards, and norms regarding strength, stiffness, stability, and fire resistance, which continuously evolve with the changing risk landscape. Our software dynamically adapts to these changes. Additionally, the development of the new Eurocode is noteworthy, and MatrixFloor is already prepared for it. This makes our software very current and relevant."


All designs from MatrixFloor are a proposal, emphasizes Omary. "Each design proposal is also interactively adjustable. This makes MatrixFloor not a rigid framework but an interactive design tool that helps customers achieve the design with maximum freedom, meeting all wishes and requirements."

Each property within the calculation model can be assigned to a construction phase. This also provides significant (efficiency) benefits.

Different Construction Phases

Additionally, MatrixFloor is capable of taking into account various construction phases during the calculation process. "For example, considerations can be made for all conditions during production, storage, transport, installation, casting, curing, demolding, and the usage phase," says Omary. "Each property within the calculation model can be assigned to a construction phase, such as cross-section, topping, supports, and loads. This also results in significant (efficiency) advantages."

Concrete manufacturers can use the software to secure a safe and efficient production process.

The Face of MatrixFloor

Shahram Omary (26) was appointed as the account manager for MatrixFloor earlier this year. He has a bachelor's/master's degree background and started as a consultant in October 2023 in the engineering department of Matrix Software. "I was responsible for a bit of support and consultancy," he explains. "A fun and challenging job that turned out so well that a few months later, I gained the trust to present MatrixFloor to the market."

MatrixFloor takes into account the conditions of each construction phase, including production.